From the September 1944 magazine.

Bill's Comments on Wylie Ideas, Hunches

Philip Wylie's piece in this issue of The Grapevine will endear the man to every A.A. And why? Because, of course, he's so very alcoholic! Neither can anyone miss the author's generous and self-sacrificing spirit. Forgetting his own worldly importance, he snaps his fingers at what the public may think; he discards his reputation in order to share with us his character. A traveller who has felt his own way out of the night, he tells how he discovers haven. We could ask no better spirit of anyone. Mr. Wylie can be a member of A.A. the very day he says so!

It is tradition among us that the individual has the unlimited right to his own opinion on any subject under the sun. He is compelled to agree with no one; if he likes, he can disagree with everyone. And indeed, when on a "dry bender," many A.A.s do. Therefore, no A.A. should be disturbed if he cannot fully agree with all of Mr. Wylie's truly stimulating discourse. Rather shall we reflect that the roads to recovery are many; that any story or theory of recovery from one who has trod the highway is bound to contain much truth. Mr. Wylie's article is like an abundance of fresh fruit. Perhaps we should take the advice of the housewife who says, "We shall eat all we can, and then can what we can't."

-- Bill W.

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