From the October 1946 magazine.

70 New Groups in Two Months!

New groups registering with The Central Office from July 9 to September 9 were:

ALABAMA--Piedmont and Safford. ARIZONA--Flagstaff. CALIFORNIA--San Francisco (Midtown-Marina and Sunset), Tulare, and Bellflower. CONNECTICUT--Farmington Valley. ILLINOIS--Waukegan and Jacksonville. GEORGIA--Augusta and Columbus. INDIANA--Muncie, Terre Haute and Dunkirk. IOWA--Pocohontas, Muscatine and New Hampton. KANSAS--Spearville. KENTUCKY--Outwood, Owensboro, and Shelbyville. MARYLAND--Easton and Georgetown. MASSACHUSETTS--Salem. MICHIGAN--Detroit (Men's Group), Jackson (South Michigan), Owosso,...