From the March 1948 magazine.

Frisco's "Derelicts" Mark Year of Sobriety

The South of Market Group of San Francisco Fellowship of A.A., housed in the heart of San Francisco's notorious Skid Row and drawing almost exclusively from that area for its membership, became one year old on January 20, 1948, and observed its birthday with its regular meeting on that night.

Speakers included Major George Ferguson, chaplain of the Hunt Street chapel of the Salvation Army, also in the heart of Skid Row, where the first meetings of the group were held. Another speaker was Edward Wrenn, secretary of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, which succeeded the Salvation Army as landlord-patron of the group and gave the group the use of the society's day shelter at 235 Minna Street as both a clubhouse and a meeting place.

-- O.K.P.

San Francisco

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