From the February 1951 magazine.

The New York Intergroup Association

Out of Blood, Sweat and Tears

AA MEMBERS in the metropolitan New York area are mighty proud of their Intergroup Association. Since 1946, when it was created in its present form, it has become a smooth working example of near-perfect AA co-operation.'Twas not always thus, however. Today's harmony was born of strife, sired by group jealousies, and reared amid recurrent financial crises.

Nor is New York's Intergroup setup the first in AA, not by a long shot. In fact, when we consult the records, about the only 'first' New York AA can claim is the movement's first Clubhouse, the one pictured on pages 35 to 37. That was in 1940 and from the 'management' of those modest quarters has evolved the present day's well oiled machinery which serves this great city so efficiently.

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