From the February 1951 magazine.

24 Hour Club

Survival of the Fittest. . .

THE sign outside says 'BAR' in big red neon letters. As you step inside from 26th street you get a nostalgic whiff of stale lager and old bar rags. Steady on! Eyes front! Past the saloon door. . .twelve steps, then turn right and up the narrow winding stairs and--you're in. The 24 Hour Club.

If you're visiting New York and arrive at an odd hour it might be well to clear up a possible misconception. The name, 24 Hour Club, does not mean the place is open 'round the clock. It stems from the Plan of the same name. One day at a time, brother. . .and if it happens to be a rocky one, drop in. You'll find the same sort of a gang you'd find downstairs in the gin mill. Only upstairs the drink is coffee, or coke, and the thinking is straight.

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