From the February 1952 magazine.

Northern California Council

APPARENTLY an unique phase of AA activity is the Northern California Council. The Council meets four times each year for serious business, for knowledge of new approaches to AA, for renewal of old acquaintance's. . .and for making a bit of sane and sober whoopee.

Conceived at a meeting of the Oakland Alano Club on March 23, 1948, the first Council was attended by interested AAs from most of the counties of the North. Since that first meeting the Council has been held in Sacramento, Stockton, San Jose, Vallejo Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, Monterey-Pacific Grove, Oakland and San Francisco. On two occasions it has been called upon to make arrangements for special events. . . Bill's visit last Fall for the General Service Conference Assembly to elect a delegate to the Conference. Then again in October, 1951 to arrange for a meeting held, "in gratitude for the Lasker Award." Although this is a loosely knit organization, it is constructed so that calls such as these can be answered quickly and effectively.

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