From the June 1957 magazine.

Where to Begin

WHEN YOUR EDITOR AND MY BOSS announced that I was to do a "color story" on your delegates' conference, I looked at him blankly and said, "What's that?" He explained with the patience of an ex-newspaper pro to the feeble-minded cub that it was very simple--I just had to "cover" it as if I were doing it for the Times or Tribune, like the Democratic story from Chicago or the Republican story from San Francisco. "I see," I said, "the human side of the news." He sort of grunted what I took for approval.

Well, that was a great help. . . I have never been to a convention in my life but my ideas at least were highly colored by my television viewpoint of both these national spectacles. I went off muttering--caucuses, covenants (secretly agreed upon), committees (smoked-filled rooms). . . .

-- GV Staff

New York

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