From the October 1975 magazine.

Convention Vignettes

I'm so full of gratitude, I want to share some of my Denver highlights with you. I was "walking four feet off the floor all weekend," as one of the speakers said Sunday morning. They told me that I had to give it away in order to keep it. So here goes. . . .

Mick M. from Ireland saying, "God bless America for Alcoholics Anonymous!". . . John M., a priest from New Zealand, meeting Dorothy--who brought AA to New Zealand twenty-five years ago!. . . Getting out of a crowded elevator full of AAs and having them shout, "'Bye. Keep comin' back!". . . Virginia H. (what a beautiful person!), who spent fourteen years in prison and has twenty-three years of sobriety, suggesting to an audience during a prison panel, "When you visit an institution, just be natural and someone might like you!". . . Chuck C., when told that he only had thirty minutes to talk to us, saying, "It would take that long to tell 'em how much I love 'em!". . . The tears of gratitude flowing when Lois W. received a standing ovation at the Sunday-morning spiritual meeting. . . The sparkle in the "civilian' " eyes--from taxi drivers to hotel owners to waitresses--telling us that we were the nicest group they had ever met. And they meant it!

-- H. R.

Millbrae, California

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