From the September 1982 magazine.

2,500 Hellos and Hugs

A banquet honoring old-timers spurred memories of old times

LAST YEAR, on October 31, New York Intergroup gave its annual dinner honoring Bill W.'s AA birthday in advance. If he had been alive, December 11 would have seen the start of his forty-eighth sober year! Intergroup was celebrating the completion of its own thirty-fifth year. And on top of all that, Intergroup was kind enough to honor the real old-timers in the area, those moss-covered monuments like me who have been sober thirty years and more.

There were, in all, 2,500 people at the dinner. And thirty of us old-timers were in good enough shape to come and sit on the dais, in a long row in front of the speakers' table.

-- F. M.

New Canaan, Connecticut

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