From the October 1944 magazine.

Marty Interviewed on Committee

A new Committee has been formed. It's to be nationwide in scope. Although it's not an A.A. baby, it's to have a lot to do with A.A. The name of it is The National Committee for Education on Alcoholism, and its executive director is Marty Mann, one of our leading A.A.s in the New York Group, and one of our finest speakers. Marty plans to go all over the country lecturing on alcoholism, and more than this--she hopes to help get local committees started wherever she goes. These local committees in turn will educate their communities on the problem of the alcoholic, and teach the whole public, throughout the country, what we in A.A. already know, That alcoholism is a disease, and a public health problem. That the alcoholic needs to be brought out in the open and helped, not hidden away in shame.

As you see by this article, Marty has shed her anonymity. She talked it over with a great many other A.A.s, and they all felt that in view of this larger non-alcoholic field she was entering, she'd have to.

-- Felicia G.

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