From the June 1994 magazine.

Spellbound By AA: An Interview With Nell Wing

Nine years after the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous begun in Akron, Ohio, the Grapevine magazine published its first issue in June 1944. Three years after that Nell Wing arrived in New York. A young woman in her late twenties, Nell had decided to go to Mexico to pursue a career in sculpture. In the meantime, she wanted a temporary job to earn a little more money for the journey. The agency where she applied for a temporary job told her about an opening at the headquarters office of Alcoholics Anonymous. Nell knew about AA, having read Morris Markey's article "Alcoholics and God" in the September 1939 Liberty magazine, and through other magazine articles in the early forties, as well.

In 1947, she started working in the office of the Alcoholic Foundation (now the General Service Office), and in 1950 became Bill W.'s secretary. Within a few years, she became close friends with Bill and his wife, Lois, and on weekends she regularly went up to Stepping Stones, their home in Bedford Hills, N.Y., to help Bill with correspondence or research, or just to keep him and Lois company.

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