From the August 1995 magazine.

Interview With the Author of "Stars Don't Fall

Second in a series of articles on authors of Big Book stories

Felicia M. is eighty-nine years old and has been sober for over fifty-one years; she joined the Fellowship in the fall of 1943, when it was only eight years old. Her story, "Stars Don't Fall," is in the Third Edition of the Big Book.

On a clear cold afternoon last January, the managing editor of the Grapevine and an editorial assistant drove up to the small town in Connecticut where Felicia M. lives. We found her modest house on a quiet back lane. Several big evergreens were in the front yard; in the backyard, a bird feeder hung from a bare tree. Inside, her house was cozy. A whole row of cookbooks filled a shelf over the kitchen door. The walls were hung with pictures--western scenes with men and women on horseback, a painting by a grandson, a large oil by a well-known abstract painter of the nineteen fifties, and some watercolors by Felicia herself, who began painting during one period when she couldn't write (Felicia is a professional writer). The three of us sat in Felicia's small book-lined living room, where the winter light filtered through the draperies, and Felicia served us coffee and cookies as we talked about AA and her recovery from alcoholism.


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