From the March 2006 magazine.


Ralph B., who got sober on September 1, 1956, in Seattle, Washington, talks about the early days of AA

How was the AA message brought to you, or how did you first come in contact with AA?

Sometime in the winter of 1955-1956, a man named Eric spoke to a group of nonalcoholic businessmen about how his recovery from alcoholism began on December 24, 1951, and about Alcoholics Anonymous. There was a man sitting in the audience who was so impressed with Eric, his sincerity and his humility, the clarity of his message, and the inspiration of his recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous, that this man, Moses Dinner, went back to his place of business looking for an alcoholic to help. And when he found one, he fired me and sent me to Alcoholics Anonymous. He knew that I was in trouble with alcohol. Plus, he and I had talked about the fact that I was going to have to take some time off. So he was waiting for me to stumble, which I did. I came to work terribly intoxicated, just after noon. I was supposed to be in at 7:30. He fired me and sent me to AA, and then hired me back after I'd gone to a meeting or two. And that's how I came in.

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