From the September 1944 magazine.

Mail Call for All A.A.s in the Armed Forces


One of the strongest motives behind the starting of The Grapevine--in fact the main thing that pushed the Editors from the talking to the acting stage--was the need so often expressed in letters from A.A.s in the Service for more A.A. news. We felt that their deep desire for a feeling of contact with A.A. might be fulfilled at least in part by such a publication--by us and for us. And, as the first issue emerged from the presses, a letter came to one of the Editors from a woman A.A., a Second Lieutenant stationed in an out-of-the-way place. It was a cry for help:

". . .if things keep up the way they have been going I'm going to be in more trouble than I can handle. . . . I've been recommended for promotion, but. . . My work is more than satisfying, but off duty I'm a total loss. There isn't a single soul here that speaks the same language. . . . The Army is a funny place. One is expected to drink, but not to get noisy or pass out or do any of the things drunks do. . . . I've met a few A.A.s but we've only been in the same place for a short time. Several of them were in the same boat as I, skating on thin ice, but I don't know the outcome. Frankly, I'm scared. Has this problem been discussed at meetings? If so, has anyone offered any constructive suggestions?" M.L.

-- M.L.

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