From the October 1944 magazine.

Points of View

Dear Grapevine: The new Grapevine has just come and I am very much impressed by it--a credit to the grandest organization in the world. I wonder whether the anonymity end could be overcome in one thing, and that is a Personal Column. The thing that keeps most alumni periodicals going is the interest all seem to have in the others in the same college, and I believe that nothing could have more interest for those who are away from home--New York in my case--than news of all the rest. I know that I would eat up a column of news about all of you up there and feel that there must be many more who would do the same. Ninety-nine per cent of the ones I'm talking about don't give a damn about the anonymous end--in fact we're proud of it--and I can't see for the life of me why a postal asking whether an individual minded the news item about himself being published or not wouldn't answer any objections that otherwise might be raised. . . . Think it over.

-- Elliot B.

Hot Springs, Virginia

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