From the October 1944 magazine.

Points of View

Dear Grapevine: You have on your list of subscribers a M---- X. . . . I respectfully request that this subscription be cancelled upon receipt of this letter. I regret that I am prompted in this action by the fact that this member has shown no desire or inclination to profit by the sincere and kind co-operation of the members of your organization at this point. Therefore I deem this an unnecessary expense. I assure you that should this party regain her normal senses and at least show some effort to respond to your methods of cure for THE CURSE a renewal will gladly be requested.

[NOTE: The Grapevine has returned the dough, set up a new subscription for M--X.--no strings attached; now we're waiting for Mr. X. to write us a piece for the Family Issue on how not to treat an alcoholic.]

-- W. X.


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