From the September 1946 magazine.

Mail Call for All A.A.s at Home Or Abroad

Name Is Changed

The name of the Tri-County Alcoholic Foundation is being changed to the Youngstown Committee for Education on Alcoholism, and we will be affiliated with the National Committee for Education on Alcoholism. We changed our name because we found our aims and purposes were already so similar to those of the National Committee that it seemed wise to affiliate with them. Also, we wished to comply with the suggestion received from the A.A. trustees that the terminology, Alcoholic Foundation, be reserved for the national group.

We believe that there is a great deal of educational work to be done but that A.A. has a big enough job on its hands getting people sober and keeping them sober without tackling anything else so we have our Committee on Education to do the job.

-- Neil K.

Youngstown, Ohio

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