From the May 1949 magazine.

Mail Call for A.A.s at Home and Abroad

I HAVE recently celebrated my third anniversary. There were a few times during my three years of sobriety when I wasn't sure I would stay with it. Now I feel that I have attained a degree of health and stature which permits me to stand more firmly on my own two feet. When I look back on some of my fledgling efforts I shrink into a small package of humility. How could I have done this or neglected to do that? At such times I find consolation in reviewing the efforts of our older members. We find that they too had troubles, uncertainties and were not without errors. None of us come into A.A. mature, intelligent about ourselves and without flaws in character and personality.

There are many factors that have been incorporated into my daily life that give me complete confidence and assurance. Even after only three short years there has accumulated enough evidence to make me glad that I made and stuck to certain basic decisions about the A.A. philosophy of life. For instance. . .

-- A.P.

Caldwell, New Jersey

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