From the August 1953 magazine.

From the Grass Roots


Often I have heard this expression, quote, he ain't ready yet; he needs to get kicked around some more before he'll accept AA, unquote. I have used this very same expression and the thought occurred to me the other day that I'm passing judgment on some other person, taking an inventory of somebody else when I know full well that I've got enough troubles taking my own.

The idea also occurred to me that when I start out on a Twelfth Step call I must pause a bit, giving God thanks for the privilege of helping, asking him for guidance in his business, for I am only his messenger. I also have an idea that I have sometimes become smug and complacent, instead of being grateful for all my blessings; I have gotten the idea I'm pretty good and I'll show any stumbling, blundering chap how I did it, forgetting very easily that there was a time when I, too, was stumbling and blundering to a point where nothing made sense and that it was God that took me when nobody else would. And when he did, God sent somebody that needed Twelfth Step work himself to give me that needed helping hand. Sure I'm grateful to the guy that brought the message but mostly to the One who used the man to carry the message.

-- H. S.

Oak Park, Illinois

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