From the October 1953 magazine.

From the Grass Roots


First, I want to urge sincere thoughtfulness in the rendering of the Lord's Prayer. When it is a meaningless repetition of words it fails to lift our spirits and is certainly no tribute to our Creator. I find it easier to do this by mentally putting each line into my own words and I vary it from time to time to be sure that it doesn't become merely a habit, that it remains ever a petitionary appeal to my God.

Secondly, I believe that a spiritual awakening is a very simple thing whether it comes early or late in one's AA life. It is no more (as though it could be!) than the realization of our Father's everlasting and encompassing love. It is his gift of faith with which he crowns our hard-earned belief or our intellectual acceptance. This faith permeates our being and revolutionizes our lives, blessing us with the message we carry in the all-important Twelfth Step of our program.

-- Anonymous

Easton, Maryland

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