From the February 1954 magazine.

From the Grass Roots


What, oh what can we do to get wives of AA members to attend meetings, and show a little gratitude to Almighty God, AA, and yes, us, as His messengers, for changing their husbands from the miserable wrecks they were into clean, straight thinking, upstanding individuals?

The writer has made many Twelfth Step calls wherein these wives have pleaded with tears in their eyes for help. We were oftentimes able to give it, and we have made many remarkable recoveries, but many of these wives never attend meetings. Is it from jealousy that AA was able to do something that they were unable to do? It seems to the writer that these women should be so grateful that they should almost crawl on their hands and knees to cooperate with their husbands in attending meetings. It has me stumped. Are there any answers?

-- C. A. W.


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