From the September 1955 magazine.

From the Grass Roots


I came into AA eight years ago. I followed all the meetings, read all the literature, listened carefully, and worked the program to the best of my ability and found the purpose in life that I had been seeking. Here, too, I found my wonderful God. Of course, you all know the experience I had then. It was wonderful! My life was heavenly. My friends all "looked up" to me. Everyone said "Ginny has it." Meetings, friends, serenity, sobriety, happiness and all the glorious things this program offers.

But wait, what happened! This story is too good to be true. Well, I began to think I was pretty good, that I had this thing down to a science. All I had to do was get up every morning and take life and sobriety for granted. Simple. I didn't have to do anything to keep this gift of sobriety. The bars went down and--I began to hate my group, hate AA, hate the town I lived in, the people I knew. I had a big resentment against everyone. Why, the group didn't ask my opinion, the newcomer didn't stare in awe at me when I boastfully said: "I'm dry eight years!"

-- V. E.

Flagstaff, Arizona

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