From the June 1956 magazine.

From the Grass Roots


In the February issue there is a letter from H. McK. He is having some trouble that I have experienced. The answer is on page 92 of Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. In the discussions of Step Ten it says, "It is a spiritual axiom that every time we are disturbed, no matter what the cause, there is something wrong with us. If somebody hurts us and we are sore, we are in the wrong also."

My trouble with "poor meetings" came prior to the publication of this book but I was helped by another member of the group. My complaint was about the same as H. McK's. This helpful member said, "Before every meeting I tell myself, 'This is going to be a good meeting and I'm going to take home at least one good idea.' Since I started that I haven't been to a poor meeting." It works.

-- B. H.

Logansport, Indiana

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