From the February 1963 magazine.

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More on "early stage

May I add my plea to that of M.A.E. (in the November Grapevine) for more literature for the "early stage" alcoholic? It becomes a little too easy to rationalize the fact that we never had a morning drink (or a complete blackout or some of the more devastating possible results of our drinking) into a doubt that we are really alcoholic. Those of us who are alone overseas don't have the advantage of a sponsor to help keep our thinking sober and so depend largely on what we can find to read as a substitute for meetings.

For me it is necessary to return regularly to the "powerless over alcohol" bit which I can wholeheartedly admit--that and gratitude to all of you in AA who have made it possible for me, at this stage, to see the choice of directions I have--up or down, no middle road.

-- M. E.

Karachi, Pakistan

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