From the September 1963 magazine.

P. O. Box 1980

Police Dept.!

I am a Police Officer and have been in the Force for fourteen years. I first came in contact with AA about two years ago. At this time I was contemplating suicide. AA was suggested to me by a Priest and two members came to see me.

I started to go to meetings and as I regained my health I began to get a few reservations. I thought I might not be an alcoholic and tried myself out. This slip resulted in a two-day blackout. I had a few more slips with the result I was put in a hospital for six weeks owing to a bad mental state from the grog. It was while I was in the hospital that I fully accepted the First Step. I could then cope with the rest of the program. I have had no trouble with the program since, and am now leading a happy and contented life.

-- D. C.

North Queensland, Australia

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