From the April 1967 magazine.

Carrying the Message

Home-brewed AA

When I looked for AA in 1956 it was not difficult for me to find a door open. There were many meetings for the newcomer to explore. Often I heard the old-timers talk of the early days, when they held meetings in the homes of members who still had homes, and therefore the message could only be carried to people that the sober ones knew.

Today many thousands of doors are open to the alcoholic who still suffers. Telephone listings of central offices or intergroup headquarters enable the new man or woman to find information about AA meetings in the area. I consider it an important part of my sobriety to help support my home group with my time and my share of the expenses to keep a door open somewhere, just as one was kept open for me by those who came before.

-- D. C.

Santa Monica, California

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