From the June 1971 magazine.

Carrying the Message

A grateful retread

I am an American Indian and proud of it. But I am not proud of the fifteen years I wasted in drunkenness and filth on skid rows all over the country. Only the grace of God and AA could have lifted me out of this misery and given me the strength, hope, and guidance to return to my family and tribe on Indian Island on the Penobscot River in Old Town, Me. This was in 1960.

Help came in all forms. From I960 to 1965, I had never known such a life. "Happy" fits well, but "self-respect," "ambition," and "concern" for others seem to be better words for what I experienced. I took an active part in community affairs. I became a deacon in my church, then a trustee and an elder. With this came responsibility.

-- C. F.

Old Town, Maine

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