From the October 1971 magazine.

Carrying the Message

'The Cage' inspires thought

I have just read in the July issue of the Grapevine one of the most entertaining and, more important, enlightening articles of the Grapevine since who knows when. I am referring to "The Cage," by E. S. of Brooklyn.

After having a slip and returning to AA a much wiser person, I realize that the very thing that brought the girl into the cage also brought me to the bottle again. Like the person of the story, I was guilty of becoming a "star," in that the feeling of nine years' sobriety entitled me to judge and to criticize the speakers at closed meetings and open meetings. I also became very critical of the newer members that ran the meetings and in general kept the group together. And the feeling that "Times have changed and nothing is the same any more" pervaded most of my thinking.

-- R. B.

Manhattan, New York

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