From the February 1974 magazine.

Carrying the Message

Not so 'unfriendly'

A. P. Q. really got my attention. My early AA nemesis was the occasional out-of-town trip and slip. Away from home overnight, I always got drunk--until I made a point of seeking AA contact. In recent years. I've been to AA meetings in Denver. Washington. D.C., Dallas, Atlantic City, Nashville, and Detroit and all over the state of California.

Approaching the door of a strange meeting. I'm always apprehensive: "What it they're not friendly?" (Right, A. P. Q.--sometimes they're not!) And then I remember the old-timers back in my home group, saying. "Act, don't react" and "Don't expect a royal welcome. Stick your hand out first."

-- J. P.

Fullerton, California

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