From the July 1975 magazine.

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Your neighbor at the meeting

I've just come from a meeting of my home group, where it was the privilege of all in attendance to hear a beautiful talk. One point that particularly hit home with me was this: "We think of 'the alcoholic who still suffers' as the guy who is still out there drunk. But many alcoholics who are still suffering are in this room tonight, and are sober and may have been for some time now. It isn't as easy for some as for others to stay sober. Always keep in mind that the guy or gal sitting at your elbow may still be suffering. And if you sense that he or she is, and you're not, then put out your hand to that person, even though that person may be sober."

It really stayed with me. I know how difficult sobriety is for me, but I've never stopped to think that it may be equally so for those in my group who are staying sober as I am. I've always extended my hand to anybody who's had a slip, but really have never thought of any person who hasn't slipped as a suffering alcoholic.


Willowdale, Ontario

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