From the March 1977 magazine.

PO Box 1980

Built to last

A little over two years ago, I was looking up from the bottomless pit of alcoholism, and for the first time in twenty-four years, I saw some hope for me in this God-given program. I have found a strength and unity in AA that is beyond anything I had ever envisioned. I have studied the structure of this Fellowship from its beginning, and have read many times of groups of people that have tried to punch holes in and rearrange AA, with no success. I believe with all my heart that this program will be here and intact for my great-great-grandchildren. I have read the Third Tradition many times, but not until I studied it a short while ago was I fully convinced that AA is here to stay. After all, we are here to help others.

I was blessed with the privilege of attending the first regional forum, in Atlanta, and at that forum found so much love and understanding from GSO folks that I am sure AA is in pretty good hands--because, you see, we are all in this together!

-- J. B.

Griffin, Georgia

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