From the August 1985 magazine.

PO Box 1980

How the seeds were planted

My first exposure to the Grapevine was in a detox in Rochester, N.Y. I remember well the large steam pipes that covered one-half of the ceiling in the women's dormitory. I made seemingly endless trips to this detox, usually in a blackout, and I would awaken in the morning to see those steam pipes, and realize that I was in detox yet again.

On one of those wretched mornings, a staff member gave me a copy of the Grapevine. My curiosity overcame resentment, and I grudgingly read it. I do not recall what I read, and it is only in looking back from a viewpoint of sobriety that I realize a seed was planted that day. The Grapevine, the rehabs, so many caring people who loved me when I couldn't love myself--many such seeds were planted over a period of years.


Canandaigua, New York

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