From the August 1987 magazine.

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Group conscience

Many thanks to J. M. and M. M. for the March 1987 article, "What's a Group Conscience?" I would like to add one remark. We often use the term "substantial unanimity" to represent a number. Last week, after a particularly harrowing business meeting and "group conscience" (one member left in tears; another, on leaving, shook the secretary's hand saying "I'm sorry--but it was well fought"), I looked up the word "unanimity" in my dictionary. It reads, "complete agreement or accord." "Accord" is defined as "unity, harmony."

Not only do we need to take time so that all members can be informed; we need to allow time for tempers to be cooled down, allow time to "clear a channel choked up with anger, fear, frustration or misunderstanding," so that a true group conscience can be reached--one that expresses a loving God's will for the group. I'm sure that there are circumstances under which it's necessary to get a decision by a deadline of some sort, but I've not been involved in any situations like that. It is more than worth the effort it takes for the group committee to continue to meet for however long it takes to reach a unified and harmonious decision.

-- K. M.

Santa Rosa, California

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