From the April 1988 magazine.

PO Box 1980

Dear Grapevine. . .

If you recall, I wrote to you a few years ago commending the Grapevine on a couple of articles that had been published at that time which, it seemed to me, at least dealt with some of our problems on a realistic and human basis. They were very impressive and I became a booster for the GV at that time. I subscribed for two or three new members and tried to pass the word about the Grapevine. Then it seemed (hat the issues sort of dropped back into the "all is beautiful" pattern.

I have never let my Grapevine subscription lapse since I first started it back in the early '50s, so that is not the point. And I'm not saying that once in a while there were not articles that spoke of what I call the real situation in AA. . .

-- J. M.

Carmichael, California

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