From the August 1988 magazine.

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Don't cry on the letters!

I can certainly identify with L. H., "History in the Making," in the May Grapevine. My first visit to GSO was in the mid '70s. I, too, was unsure of my welcome, but like L. H.'s, my reception was warm and caring. The Archives were just being set up then, and I feel so very grateful that Nell Wing (then the nonalcoholic archivist) was still around to share. The episode I remember so well; Nell pulled out a file drawer and asked if I would like to read some of Bill's letter to Lois from Akron on his first or second visit. At first I felt like I was intruding into their lives, then, as I read the tears came streaming down my cheeks--especially as I got to the end. They were signed, "IL--Bill." Nell was watching me, and seeing my tears flow like that stuff we used to drink, she came rushing over with a tissue, and said, "for heaven's sake cry into this, not on the letters."

There are no words to describe the thrill of feeling a part of that kind of history. Later that week I had the great privilege of visiting Stepping Stones. You guessed it--I just kept on crying.

-- C. H.

Raleigh, North Carolina

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