From the November 1991 magazine.

PO Box 1980

Cease the mindless debate

The article "Alcoholics and Addicts" in the July Grapevine stirred me up. I am dually addicted, and was told upon discharge from the hospital that I should go to AA and NA meetings. I didn't find the support, experience of recovery, and caring attitude in NA that I did in AA, so I went to my sponsor with my confusion. He explained the Third Tradition, and realizing I had to make a decision, I selected AA.

Having made that decision, you will not hear me introduce myself as an alcoholic-addict--this is out of respect for my group and for AA Traditions. I have been sober since April 1982, and have found that when my addiction is stronger than my alcoholism, my AA program works, without offending anyone.

-- E. S.

Manhattan, Kansas

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