From the November 1994 magazine.

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Letter perfect

Recently I read a book by Emmet Fox where I learned a wonderful concept for handling fear. It's called The Golden Key. Dr. Fox says, "Stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is, and think about God instead." At first, I found that to be easier said than done. Usually my mind would wander back into the problem within a few seconds of trying this. But finally I thought of a way to keep my mind focused on God, and God alone, for five minutes at a time, and I began to get wonderful results.

The method I discovered is this: I go through the alphabet, and I think of a word describing God that starts with each consecutive letter. For example, I think of the letter A, and then I think, "God is Almighty." For the letter B, I think "God is Benevolent." And so on through the alphabet. I haven't yet thought of a word for God that starts with X, Y, or Z, but usually by the time I get to those letters, I realize that five minutes have passed where I've thought of nothing but God, and I feel calmer and some serenity has returned. At first, I couldn't always think of a word that fit, and the words that would come to mind would be ridiculous, and I would laugh. But that was helpful too. In doing that, I began to realize all the things that God is not. For example, God is not Asinine, Belligerent, or Churlish. I realize that I now have a better concept of God as I understand him, just by doing this mental exercise. And my fear is going away. I trust God more each day, and that trust is being demonstrated by the many wonderful things that are happening in my life.

-- Bonnie C.

Texas City, Texas

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