From the November 1994 magazine.

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Purity in AA?

I've been reading and hearing a lot of hostility directed at recovering alcoholics who seem to have other problems while recovering from alcoholism --i.e., drugs, food, etc.

I find it easier not to get caught up in the hysteria of diluting AA and sitting in judgment as to who is best qualified to be a member of AA when I call to mind several things I have read about some of these exact issues in the "Twelve and Twelve" on Tradition Three: "We were resolved to admit nobody to AA but that hypothetical class of people we termed 'pure alcoholics.' Except for their guzzling and the unfortunate results thereof, they could have no other complications. So beggars, tramps, asylum inmates, prisoners, queers, plain crackpots, and fallen women were definitely out. Yes sir, we'd cater only to pure and respectable alcoholics! Any others would surely destroy us. Besides if we took in those odd ones, what would decent people say about us? We built a fine mesh fence around AA."

-- P.G.

Sacramento, California

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