From the December 1996 magazine.

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A thorough and fearless dusting

I've been sober since October 4, 1992, and loving every headache-free minute of it! I hit my bottom coming off a two-day binge and blackout, and checked myself into a treatment center.

The reason I want to write is because the Grapevine helped save my life. I was doing housecleaning work as a maid, when one day I was dusting my customer's living room and I spotted a Grapevine magazine on her endtable. I was hungover as usual and I sat down and started reading. I found myself in one of the stories. A woman who called herself an alcoholic told how she'd never realized before that she had choices. This planted a seed in my head. It made me stop and think that I had choices too, and one of them was to find out how I could stop this insane way of life and put the plug in the jug.

-- Diane A.

Covington, Michigan

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