From the December 2000 magazine.

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In Ebby T.'s day

In the May 2000 issue, "Your Move" by Paul M., struck my memory bank. I, too, sometimes wonder what is going on at meetings.

I have been sober in AA since 1963, having been introduced to AA at Towns Hospital and then at High Watch Farm in Kent, Connecticut, where I shared sleeping quarters with Ebby T. as we "dried out." Bill W. visited Ebby that summer and, of course, we all met him. I also had many occasions to meet Bill in New York City, where I lived. I do not recall the holding of hands, chanting, and cheer-leading we now hear at meetings around the country. We did not introduce ourselves at the beginning of meetings unless we were the speaker or chair. That is not to say we were not friendly. We were.

-- Scotty M.

Camden, South Carolina

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