From the October 2004 magazine.

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Please wake up

I have been around AA for a few years. I've had at least four relapses. I was one of those who just couldn't get it. Last Christmas Eve, staggering home from the bar, I woke up out of a blackout in front of a church. As I stood there staring at the door, someone came out and I was filled with shame.

The next morning I woke up to a house full of kids and grandkids. A little later, I stood out on the patio looking in at my family and realized--an alcoholic lives here. I went back to AA and started over. I go to lots of meetings, have a sponsor, read the literature, and work with other alcoholics. I spend a lot of time praying. I know from working the program and the friends I left behind that I am one of the lucky ones. I had a lot of help waking up and I'm not forgetting where that help came from.

-- Patrick G.

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