From the June 1944 magazine.

A. A. Goes to Sea

Or rather the merchant seamen have discovered A.A.! Just over a year ago, Dr. Florence Powdermaker, a well-known psycho-analyst, sent us a patient--who promptly dried up, pleasing the good doctor no end. Then Dr. Powdermaker put on a Naval uniform and took up the problems of tired or shell-shocked seamen. Oddly enough she found that many of them had just the same problem we landlubbers are cursed with. . .they were alcoholics and they wanted the worst way to get over it. She tried the A.A. literature on them--the book and the pamphlets--and it worked!

When there got to be about 40 of them, those who were still ashore put their heads together. Like the rest of us, they wanted to help others recover--but they felt they had a special field in other seamen. They know seamen, and they know that most regular seamen look on landlubbers as almost a race apart. Their name for us is "shore people", and they don't easily feel at home with us. Add that to the alcoholic apartness--and you have something. So they figured they'd catch more seamen if they had their own group--for seamen only. But we're sure that will be only at the beginning--they'll find, as we did, that alcoholics are buddies under the skin, no matter what their profession or background, and as a matter of fact the original delegation who came to tell us of their plans and ask our co-operation, were instantly absorbed, to their own, and our, intense pleasure.

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