From the August 1944 magazine.

Lives and Man-hours Saved by Coast A. A.

We all know that A.A. saves lives. But in war-time, and in the country that is "the arsenal of democracy," man-hours saved in war industries also save lives--soldiers' lives. And A.A. is saving man-hours, too--in big chunks. The Central Office has recently heard from an A.A. who is employed by the Maritime Commission in one of the largest Kaiser shipyards, to work with alcoholics. In other words, A.A., through this member, saves man-hours, to save lives, to win the war.

The leading newspaper of Richmond, Cal. ran an editorial about it: "Through the work of a little-known organization, thousands of man-hours and the abilities and self-respect and lives of many men and women employed at the Richmond shipyard are being saved. This organization, known as Alcoholics Anonymous, a non-profit organization composed of alcoholics who have conquered their desire for drink, has worked on 300 cases through and in conjunction with the Welfare Department of the Permanente Hospital. Alcoholics Anonymous is credited with saving 600,000 man-hours in one year. One man, who was addicted to the use of intoxicants, who lost many hours from his job, called on Alcoholics Anonymous. He alone was responsible for the shipyards saving 8000 man-hours per ship in suggesting improved methods of doing work. There are alcoholics working in the Richmond shipyards today who are worth every minute and every cent--if it has cost anyone anything--that has been spent on them. They are holding down key jobs in a critical and highly essential industry. And through the foresight of the Kaiser Company and the work of Alcoholics Anonymous they are being given the opportunity that they have probably spent many months and years seeking."

-- Richmond Independent, June 21, 1944

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