From the October 1944 magazine.

Do You Know:


How often have you heard it said, "I was too busy to make the meeting last night," or, "I was so darn tired I just couldn't get there"? Of course, either one of these two may hold true, but too often they are indications of the beginning of a return to the old line of thinking. For this reason, then, when you are "too busy" or "too tired," stop and ask yourself--"Is this true or am I rationalizing?" Be honest. If you are not it may not be long before you have nothing to be "too busy" about. Only by constant association with A.A.s and their problems do we re-learn those principles of living that get us sober and keep us in that happy state. The 12 Steps are not like the multiplication table. We can't learn them once and then sit back and have them work for us the rest of our lives. Being mere humans, it is only by constant re-education that we can hope to achieve and then keep the strength and happiness given us by A.A.

But this is supposed to be about Danger Signals. Why then hold forth on the importance of frequent contacts with other members? Because, only through these associations are we able to meet and conquer those insidious urges to return to our old intimate friendships with Generalissimo Hang-Over and Field Marshal R. E. Morse. These two old cronies like nothing better than to see one of us feeling sorry for ourselves or nursing a nice fat resentment. They cheer when we begin to get cocky or have grandiose ideas about our worth. They send out invitations for a party when we begin to think that maybe "one" wouldn't hurt us or that maybe "someday?" There are a thousand and one signs that will put these two fast friends into a dither of delight, but each one can be recognized and dealt with if we meet with our fellow-members as often as possible.

-- R. K. F.

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