From the November 1944 magazine.

How It Feels to Make One's First Beginnings in A. A.

The First Time. . .at 60

I was in my 60th year when I first contacted A.A. I had always been a steady and heavy drinker. Having what drinks I wanted was as much a natural part of my life as smoking. So far as I was able to tell at that time it had never interfered with my life, either business or social. Then business became slack, drinking heavier and more steady and, at some time unknown to me, alcohol took over and became the boss. I was only conscious of the intense physical and nervous discomfort and attributed the almost melancholic depression to these factors. I got to the end of my rope and life was not worth living. The end of the run was, morbidly, hoped for and would, I think, have been welcomed.

At this time I contacted A.A. I haven't the least recollection of what was said at the first meeting. One thing stood out, and that was the fact that these people had gone through the same slough of despond that I was in and now were normal and happy. So it could be done and they were the proof for they had done it! That fact was the piercing ray of light that was given me.

-- Elliot B.

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