From the March 1945 magazine.

Philadelphia Story on Hospitalization

The Philadelphia group considers itself very fortunate. One of the first drunks contacted by Jim B., when he brought A.A. to Philadelphia five years ago, was a relative of one of our most eminent surgeons: Dr. A. Wiese Hammer of the staff of St. Luke's and Children's Hospital. Dr. Hammer spends two to four hours with the group every Sunday advising and counselling, as well as comforting those members who gather at the round table. He is one of our staunchest bulwarks.

It is through Dr. Hammer that we acquired the support and cooperation of Dr. C. Dudley Saul, diagnostician, physician and medical director of St. Luke's and Children's Hospital. Through Dr. Saul's good influences, we were able for many months to hold our open meetings in the hospital. This recognition by medicine that alcoholism is a disease furnished a tremendous impetus to the movement here. It helped immensely in convincing new members that there was hope for them if they sincerely wanted A.A.

-- Winslow T.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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