From the March 1945 magazine.

After 2 Years in A. A.

Two years in A.A. finds me increasingly happy and, I hope, a more useful citizen. It seems now that results come almost in direct ratio to my application of what A.A. offers for the taking. After more than thirty years of egotistical, selfish, and too often asocial behavior, I have slowly and laboriously acquired, through A.A. text and precept, a usable quota of humility.

This has proved to be the key to undeserved cooperation from many of my fellowmen and, of even more importance to me, to a reawakened faith in God. The spiritual and emotional lift received from the members who welcomed me at my first meeting in Forest Hills has increased steadily. Along with this have come new friends and a better understanding of how to use their experience.

-- Mel A. C.

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