From the April 1945 magazine.

Chapter XXI . . . Continued

Concluding Chapter XXI, begun in the March Grapevine. September Remember, by Eliot Taintor (a writing team, one of whom is an A.A.), will be published April 16th, by Prentice-Hall.

(Rick, the hero of September Remember, is deeply concerned over Joe's continuing slip. Joe is Rick's best friend and original A.A. mentor. In an effort to learn how to help Joe, Rick has consulted Joe's psychiatrist, Dr. Wales. Together, Wales and Rick have gone up to New Haven where Wales is to address the Yale Summer School for Studies on Alcohol. Rick hopes to meet and talk to Bill Griffith, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, who will be there.)

Chapter XXI . . . continued

Two men were already seated there. One, "a long, lean, humorous, intelligent Vermont Yankee," must be Bill Griffith, from Joe's description. The heavier man, Dr. Jellinek, Director of the School, spoke briefly . . . introducing Bill Griffith. Rick watched the lean Vermonter unfold himself, look over the audience, walk down the steps from the rostrum to the main floor and say with a grin and a slight drawl that he welcomed the spirit of informality and would like to talk as if this were an A.A. meeting. "Some while ago," he began, "a few of us from A.A. met with a group of distinguished physicians who were studying what they called 'recovered alcoholics' and 'un-recovered alcoholics'--medical terms. They mentioned a third group--'normal people.' Maybe some of us who had been 'dry' several years were hurt to find that we were still not considered 'normal.'

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