From the September 1945 magazine.

Same Problem for All

(Editor's Note: The war's end is only the beginning of a personal struggle for some of the men now coming home. This article is by one member of A.A., a veteran of the last war, who began his own drinking career largely as a result of boredom with readjustment to civilian life and because he missed the Army comradeship. It is a brief treatment of a complex subject and any ideas or comments from Grapevine readers will be welcomed by the staff.)

Many of us in A.A. are becoming acutely aware of the fact that more than a few returning service men will have to participate in another unfinished battle. How can we best reduce the number of ensuing serious casualties in their fight against our most dangerous enemy, John Barleycorn? How are we going to steer these men through the booby traps and mine fields old John places so skillfully in the path of the alcoholic?

-- A. T.


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