From the September 1945 magazine.

Some of the Problems of 12th Step Work

After something more than two years of 12th Step work, it appears that the chances of success depend very largely on the prospect. However, results are so non-predictable that I frequently find myself trying to spread a little light when the patient is not willing to take the 1st Step.

As we all know, most hangovers can be helped by a patient listener who will be consistently sympathetic and not too demanding. Many times the victim will agree to and promise almost anything in order to get what he wants at the minute, be it "a last drink" or some new arguments to use with those he has let down for the 'steenth time. We do run into, rarely, youngsters who are ready and able to accept the experience of older people, but for the most part it seems that each 12th Step effort has to be tempered to suit the individual.

-- M. A. C.

Forest Hills, New York

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